Usernames and Email Address

You will sign-up with an email address, but then select a username. You can login with either your registered email address or your username. You can change either while updating your profile

Credit Cards

Our payment processor never shares your credit card information with us. You data is stored securely in their vault, and we can access that information using a key, but only when you make a purchase, and even then, we do not see your credit card information. We meet or exceed all PCI-DSS requirements for processing your credit card.


You may choose to purchase an offer using this app. You choose the amount you wish to pay, and our Restaurant Partners top up your amount with an incentive. Your credit card will be charged only when you agree to the purchase. The value of your payment and the restaurant's incentive is the maximum value of your offer, for the date specified. If you fail to use your offer, the amount you paid is protected for a future redemption at the same restaurant. Some conditions apply. See your offer for the fine print.

Unanswered Questions

You may contact us directly via email at