Pepper is a mobile platform where you can select how much you want to spend and what day you want to go out and restaurants, bars, and clubs will offer you incentives to select their establishment for the date and pre-payment you select. In other words, Pepper makes it easy for you to get more and amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs.
Currently, Pepper is only available in downtown Toronto and will be expanding to other cities soon.
You can use Pepper whenever you would like. The exact time you have to use your pre-payment and incentive will depend on the restaurants hours of operation and the day you selected.
It’s simple! Here are the steps

1. Download Pepper for free on IOS or Android

2. Sign up for a free Pepper account

3. Tap the “Get Exclusive Offers” buttons

4. Then, enter in how much money you would like to spend

5. Then, select the day you would like to spend your pre-payment

6. Now, browse through a list of restaurants, bars, and clubs that are willing to offer you more money to visit their establishment for the date and pre-payment you selected.

7. Decide on a spot that best suits you for that occasion

8. Select your desired payment method

9. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation code in your “View Purchases” tab, show this to your server to acknowledge your Pepper payment and receive your incentive!

10. Enjoy!
Using Pepper is free! In fact you can get $5.00 to spend on Pepper for every friend you refer that starts using Pepper.
Your Pepper incentive acts as a prepaid gift card plus your incentive amount. We encourage Pepper members to tip on the original amount of the bill where tipping is customary. Your visit is subject to the same local, provincial and federal taxes and will be added to your bill before your incentive is applied. You will still be responsible for the excess amount due to taxes or the tip.
Yes! Pepper allows you to purchase incentives for future events as well as for the same day. Pay now, enjoy later.
If you do not go to the restaurant to redeem your Pepper purchase on the selected day/time, you will be able to go back to the restaurant to spend your original purchase value at a later date/time.

You will lose the incentive portion of the purchase but you will retain what you paid in the form of a pre-payment to use at the establishment.
Currently, you cannot make a reservation on Pepper. If the restaurant takes reservations you can call them or make a reservation via their website. If you would prefer to just casually show up without a reservation - you can also do that.
Yes! Pepper is for groups of 1 to groups of however big your party is! Establishments on Pepper will love to host your parties and always give you more of an incentive the more you are willing to pre-pay. After you have secured your incentive on Pepper be sure to call them to make a reservation if the establishment accepts reservations.
Pepper will automatically save your purchases into your Pepper wallet, you will not need WIFI to access your purchased Pepper incentives.
Contact us immediately and we will reimburse you and contact the owner of that establishment to ensure these actions do not continue.
If you enjoy going out to amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs and also getting more for every dollar you spend, than you are going to love Pepper! A growing list of Toronto's best restaurants, bars, and clubs are waiting to bid for your business. Start enjoying more with Pepper.