About Us

Pepper was founded in Toronto by two young 30'something restaurant enthusiast, Mathew Laingchild and Michael Brunet. Pepper originally started with only two goals in mind: help restaurants fill their empty tables and have fun doing it.

But, after listening to a podcast with Starbucks's CEO, Howard Schultz, Pepper's founders were inspired to add a third goal to the company that would be rewarding and inspiring for everyone who touches the Pepper platform. Pepper's third goal is to help end world hunger with our commitment of donating a meal to a child in need for every purchase made on Pepper. To make this goal happen we've partnered with the "Save the Children Foundation" which is a leading Canadian charity focused on the general wellbeing of under privileged children.

Together, with the help of our users, partners, and restaurants we're building a platform where we can make the world a little less hungry and a lot more fun!

~ Pepper